P Chidambaram criticizes the state of the economy

NEW DELHI: On Monday, the leader of the jailed Congress, P Chidambaram, referred to an editorial in the Economist magazine that said the Indian economy is managed incompetently and is wrong. The former finance minister, who is in jail for alleged corruption in the case of INX Media, also said in a tweet that the magazine is read by companies that will invest in India.

Read The Economist magazine on October 26. It is read by Fortune 500 companies that must invest in India.

The Editorial says that India's economy is handled incompetently and is going badly, he said.

The former finance minister had asked his family to tweet on his behalf.

What he is doing wrong is what the prize winner, Dr. Abhijit Bannerjee, said last week. And he was severely criticized by our Minister of Commerce and Industry, sir, he said in another tweet.