Tens of thousands protest against the Lebanese government

BEIRUT : Massive protests against the government were organized Lebanon The largest cities, with protesters demanding the departure of the ruling class amid calls for a general strike.

On Sunday afternoon, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Beirut Martyrs Square, reports Efe news.

The current wave of protests broke out in mid-October when the Lebanese government announced its intention to approve a rate of 20 cents per day for voice calls on social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Viber in an attempt to increase the income of the indebted state.

Among the protesters on Sunday were hundreds of women who gathered in Museum Square with banners denouncing sexism.

Anti-government protests spread throughout the county, including the north Tripoli city, the eastern city of Baalbek and the southern cities and Nabatieh, among others.

There were also calls for anti-government protests on social networks.

In Beirut and Sidon, some protesters chanted slogans asking for a general strike as of Monday, urging the closing of shops and offices, and blocking roads if a new government is not formed.

On October 29, prime minister Saad Hariri He presented his resignation and that of his government following the protests.

President Michel Aoun Compulsory parliamentary consultations to appoint a new Prime Minister are yet to begin.

Earlier on Sunday, thousands of Free Patriotic Current supporters gathered in favor of Aoun and his son-in-law, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, amid anti-government protests.

The party-organised rally in support of Aoun, the founder of the party, and Bassil, its leader, took place on the road leading to the Baabda Presidential Palace with the participants, who were brought in from across Lebanon , hoisting Lebanese flags and the army flag.