Then Carlsen comes down to emerge supreme

PUNE: So who is the new head of Fischer Random? Chess ?

Is it so. Wesley So . Wesley Barbasa So.

The dethroned of 26 years. Magnus Carlsen emphatically, beating him with a more than convincing score of 13.5-2.5 in the homeland of the latter from Norway on Saturday, winning four games and not losing any with two draws.

Carlsen had revived the Fischer Random World Championship last year playing a game with Hikaru Nakamura and win it 12.5-8.5. This time he obtained the official status of the world governing body FIDE .

The semifinals and the final consisted of 12 games, four games each in three different time controls: slow fast, fast and bombardment in that order of play. The victories obtained three, two and one point in the respective format, while a draw meant half of those points in the corresponding category (as opposed to half a point in the traditional system). The player who reached 12.5 points won the contest.