The largest number of tickets and films to be screened in KIFF

25 Kolkata International Film Festival He has set a new record. The largest number of tickets and films will be screened, 2,492 and 366 respectively, from 76 countries in this year's KIFF.

These films will be screened in 17 locations that include single-screen theaters such as Minar, Bijali, Priya, Navina, Ajanta and New Empire, and Radha Studio, now called Cinema Centenary Bhavan, among others.

“There are five competition sections. We will deliver a cash prize of 51 lakh for the best film and 21 lakh for the best director in the international section, the festival president said. Raj Chakraborty .

Germany will be the main country with 42 critically acclaimed films. “Germany is a world leader in technology. One of the nine categories are the first Indo-German co-productions. Shiraz: A romance from India (1928), Prapanch Pash: A Throw of Dice (1929) and Achhut Kanya (1936) will be shown, said Vivek Kumar, general director of KIFF and chief secretary of the department of information and cultural affairs.

The first two are silent films co-produced and starring Himansu Rai, while the third presents Ashok Kumar and Devika Rani , is a Hindi-Urdu production, produced again by Rai. The three films are directed by Franz Osten.

Many of the oldest Indian films were filmed by acclaimed German filmmakers such as Osten and Josef Wirsching who also played a crucial role in the Bombay Talkies core team, said Friso Maecker, director of the Goethe Institut. Some classic German films such as Nosferatu, Dr. Mabuse and Metropolis will also be screened.