Krishnakoli Update, November 3: Disha manages to escape

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Nikhil he feels restless He is still under trauma and his behavior leaves all family members worried. Shyama, who was not at home, returns with Ashoke. Basanta asks where he went. Shyama tells her about the anonymous caller. When she takes Aditya’s name during the conversation, Nikhil tries to recall something related to him ( Aditya ) but fails. Meanwhile, Ashoke tells everyone how they couldn't find the caller.

Meanwhile, Shyama interrogates the man who kept Nikhil captive inside the factory. She forces him to tell the truth. Suddenly someone knocks at the door, claiming to be a police officer. Disha He is afraid but then decides to face the police. She decides to tell the truth.

However, someone hits Disha as soon as she opens the door and she loses her consciousness. It is revealed that the man who is after Chowdhury family had appointed some goons to rescue his man. The mastermind behind the conspiracy asks his men to inform the police about Disha's presence in the room. In reality, Disha was in police custody and had run away.

At Chowdhury residence, Nikhil’s mental condition leaves Shyama worried. When she tries to speak with him about the incident in the factory, Nikhil tells her about an anonymous lady, who had called him too. But Nikhil fails to recall anything else.

Meanwhile, Disha manages to escape after hitting the goons. She has some proof in her possession, too.

Aditya comes back home and tells Basanta that someone might have pranked posing as an anonymous caller. But Shyama tells that the lady wanted to inform her something.