D-Town analyzes promotional songs to maximize their reach

With Gujarati movies increasingly contemporary, many filmmakers are now trying hatke stories that rarely have room for sequences of songs and dances. For movies like these, promotional songs provide that musical skill that Indian movies still thrive. Filmmakers want to stay true to the genre by not adding unnecessary songs. And this is where promotional songs can be used with good results. Storylines in Dhollywood They are changing and not all movies need songs. In such cases, if you provide a promotional song that can be doubled as a dance number, it works very well for the movie, says filmmaker Mayur Kachhadiya.n Some others feel that a well-made movie will not need any external agent to find an audience. Says filmmaker Jayant Gilatar , “My next movie has only two songs, and they will play only in the background. I didn't feel the need to have a promotional song in my movie, since I'm sure the movie will have its own impact.