Sanjay Raut will meet with the governor of Maharashtra while the confrontation continues in the formation of the government

MUMBAI: Amid the dispute over the formation of the government in, Shiv Sena The leader said his scheduled meeting with Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari on Monday night will be a courtesy call for no political reason.

Raut said that the governor was like the guardian of the state and, therefore, would meet him to discuss various issues.

It will be a courtesy meeting and not political. I will talk to the governor about various issues. We will also inform you about our position, he told reporters here without giving further details.

The meeting is scheduled to take place one day after the member of Rajya Sabha said that his party would soon have its prime minister with the support of 170 MLA.

With the stalemate over the formation of the government that continues in the state, Raut also said on Sunday that talks with the BJP will take place only on the issue of the prime minister's office.

However, Prime Minister Fadnavis told reporters in Akola on Sunday that the new government will be formed soon.

In the midst of the impasse, the Seine also appeared to have contacted the PNC when its main leader and former deputy deputy minister Ajit Pawar revealed a message to Raut on Sunday.

The message said: Namaskar my Sanjay Raut. Jai Maharashtra .

In reacting, Pawar said: This means I should call him. I will call and check.

With the formation of the government in Maharashtra in a limbo, the head of the PNC, Sharad Pawar, will meet with the president of Congress Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi on Monday.

Prime Minister Fadnavis will also meet Monday with the president of BJP and the interior minister of the Union, Amit Shah, in the national capital.

In the recent polls to 288-member state assembly, the BJP won 105 seats, Shiv Sena -56, NCP-54 and Congress-44.