Kannada Kogile Super Season: Arundhati Vasishta takes the trophy

Kannada Kogile Super Season It has finally reached its end of the season. The long-awaited moment of the musical reality show finally witnessed the Grand Final yesterday (November 3) and Arundhati Vasishta was elated to win the title while raising the trophy along with a cash price of Rs. 3 lakhs

The aspiring singer thanked her guru, parents and husband for supporting her during the journey of Kannada Kogile Super Season. During the finale, she also mentioned that she would like to share the trophy with her fellow contestants as they were equally talented.

While Arundhati was announced as the winner, Akhila Pajimannu and Manojavvam took the first finalist trophy together and Nithin Rajaram Shastry was announced as the second finalist.

Kannada Kogile Super Season started its journey on August 31st. The show gave a fair chance for the contestants, who made it to the top five during the previous seasons and served as a platform to make their dreams come true.

The music reality show not only serves as a platform for aspiring singers, but also for RJ Siri, who was seen as a presenter for the first time. Radio Jockey by profession, Siri made his television debut with Kannada Kogile season 2.

Music director Sadhu Kokila, singer Archana Udupa and Big Boss season 5 winner Chandan Shetty prepared the singers as judges.