Nagpur will get India's first 4-story transport bridge

NAGPUR: The Sitabuldi to Automotive Square section of the Nagpur subway, which includes a four-story transportation structure near Kamptee Road, advanced after an impasse of months. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has sanctioned Rs535 million rupees for the 5.3 kilometer overpass that will be built under the Metro viaduct. The four-story structure is the first of its kind in India.

The structure, however, is still unclear. NHAI has asked MahaMetro to talk to the state government to recover the cost of the overflight. The highway agency wants some kind of state concession. However, Metro has written a letter to NHAI stating that it is simply the executing agency and, therefore, NHAI officials should directly discuss ways to recover the cost with the state government. Metro will help NHAI in this regard.

NHAI's attitude has angered the Union's minister of transport Nitin Gadkari . He had called a meeting of NHAI and MahaMetro officials on Sunday, and told highway officials to eliminate the cost recovery condition. He told Metro officials that they will receive a new communication from NHAI next week.

A MahaMetro official said there was another obstacle in the construction of the overpass. “Previously, the overpass had to start in front of the SFS Cathedral. Now, it's starting from LIC Square. This will require the demolition of seven buildings. It is not necessary to demolish all buildings if NHAI relaxes its standards and reduces the width of its service roads, ”he added.

The four-story transport structure will be the first of its kind. In other places, even in Nagpur, three-story structures have been built. Here, the first level is Kamptee Road, the second is the Nagpur-Bhopal railway line, the third is the overpass and the fourth is the Metro viaduct. Elsewhere, there are subway viaducts and overpasses on roads but not on rail lines. The Santacruz-Chembur Link Road in Mumbai is also a three-story structure. There is a road at ground level, with two overpasses crossed over it.

MahaMetro had begun work on the viaduct approaches and the overpass on both sides of the railroad track a few months ago knowing that it will not stop. Now, more than 50% of the work on the viaduct and the overpass throughout the section have been completed. The viaduct and the overpass are located on the same pillars.

Now, the biggest challenge for MahaMetro in the construction of the structure will be the requirement of railway blocks: slots when trains do not pass under the structure under construction. The Nagpur-Bhopal route is very busy, and passenger and freight trains use it throughout the day. Railway officials are reluctant to stop traffic. The new Khapri (ROB) NHAI railway bridge has been delayed for this reason.

Traffic expert TS Renu said such a modern engineering design will add to the beauty of the city. “However, such engineering needs specialized labor. I am sure that, when finished, it will be wonderful. ”

Renu also said he appreciated that the planning authorities did not approve the underground tunnel near Kamptee Road Gurudwara, and replaced it with a two-story overpass. “The tunnel would have cost more. This design is more high-tech, but I hope it doesn't delay the construction of this crucial part, he added.