Press and hold yagya for the rain god to stop pollution, stop blaming the stubble: BJP leader to the UP government

MEERUT: A BJP leader, who enjoys the state of state minister, in Uttar Pradesh, on Sunday, advised the government to act to please the rain god Indra, as many parts of northern India have been fighting against high levels of contamination due to cookie popping. Diwali .

The president of the Labor Welfare Council, Sunil Bharala, who enjoys the status of minister of state, said that the practice of burning stubble had also existed in ancient India.

“Farmers have practiced burning stubble for years. It is a natural process and not harmful to the environment. There is very little smoke from burning stubble, ”Bharala said at an event in Meerut on Sunday.

“More than that, factories that emit poisonous gases and pollution due to sand extraction are the main reasons for the increase in air pollutants. The farmer is the one who feeds us, and it is sad that we blame him for the contamination, ”Bharala said.

Barla said that spraying water with helicopters will not put an end to pollution, but we must seek divine intervention. He said: The government should perform yagyas to please Lord Indra. He will fix everything.

To support his argument, Bharala said: It was around 1991-92, when there were no rains in Meerut and nearby areas, a 40-50 village yagya community was carried out and as soon as it ended, the rains began.

Notably, in March 2018, in a rather strange movement, members of the little-known Shri Ayutchandi Mahayagna Samiti in Meerut burned 500 quintals of mango wood in a nine-day mahayagya to reduce pollution.

When asked if the wood burned in the yagya would not lead to contamination, Bharala said: But that is a sacred fire and the offering of ghee and samagri in the yagya purifies the air.