Bigg Boss Kannada Update 7, Day 21: RJ Prithvi enters the house as a wild card entry; Rashmi is evicted

In the last episode of season 7 of Bigg Boss Kannada, KicchaSudeep begins the episode 'Super Sunday with Sudeep' and welcomes the contestants.

He informs them that between Raju Talikote, Chandhan and Rashmi, one will be evicted. But before announcing the name of the edited contestant, Sudeep asks the contestants to imitate their housemates. The housemates make use of the situation and try to imitate each other.

After an act full of fun, Sudeep starts the 'yes or no' session. Talk about the growing groupism in the house and ask the housemates to answer with only yes or no. During the session, the contestants refer to groupism as a comfort zone and share their opinion about it.

In addition, host Kiccha Sudeep interacts with housemates and asks them to guess the evicted contestant.

Interestingly, the eviction takes a surprising turn when Sudeep informs them that he will not announce the name of the evicted contestants. With Duniya Rashmi and Chandan Achar between the last two, eliminations take a dramatic turn when Kiccha Sudeep asks nominated candidates to wait until the next orders of Bigg Boss and say goodbye to the contestants.

The housemates are perplexed while they have no idea of ​​Sudeep's statements.

Back on stage, Sudeep invites the wildcard RJ Prithvi to the stage and gives him an envelope containing the name of the housemate being removed.

Prithvi gives a unique entrance to the house. The housemates welcome you. Prithvi is presented as the first wild card of the season and informs them about the eviction.

Finally he opens the envelope in front of the inmates and reveals Rashmi as the evicted contestant.

Rashmi gets excited when he has to leave the house and says goodbye to the inmates.

Upon leaving the house, Bigg Boss gives Rashmi a special power to nominate a contestant directly to the danger zone. Rashmi nominates Priyanka and leaves the house.

Sudeep welcomes Rashmi to the stage and interacts about his brief trip inside the house. He also interacts with his family members who share their opinions about Rashmi's stay inside the Bigg Boss house.

Later he interprets an audiovisual clip of Rashmi's trip. Rashmi gets excited when he looks at the cuts. Sudeep wishes Rashmi luck in his future efforts and concludes the episode.