West Bengal: an engineer jumps off the train to catch the iPhone thief and dies

HOWRAH: A 27-year-old electrical engineer from Jamshedpur died after he jumped from a Sambalpur Express at Uluberia station to catch a man who had taken his iPhone from him. He died of his injuries before they could take him to the hospital.

The victim was going home in Jamshedpur on Saturday night and was sitting by a window seat at the end of the compartment. Around 11 p.m., when the train stopped at Uluberia station, he was talking on his newly purchased iPhone. Soon, when the train began to leave the station, a man, who was already inside the train, grabbed the phone and jumped out of the compartment. Ghosh, who was shocked for a while, then decided to chase the thief. The moment he jumped, his feet touched the platform and fell to the ground. His head hit stones and Ghosh was unconscious.

The locals and GRP rushed to the place and took him to the Uluberia Hospital. He died on the road.

Ghosh, an engineer from Jamshedpur, had come to Calcutta after joining a factory in Bauria, Howrah. Successful in his professional life, Ghosh quickly climbed the professional ladder and was appointed in charge of the two units in the factory.

He had bought an apartment in Mukundapur and started staying there. A gadget fan, Ghosh, bought the iPhone just 15 days ago and was very excited about its features.

“I would spend a lot of time researching the function of the phone. He was very dear to him, ”said his father Sanjay Ghosh. His family members arrived in Howrah in the morning and his last rites were performed in Howrah on Sunday afternoon.

His father, who is also an engineer, has asked for the iPhone, as it is his last memory, said a rural Howrah police officer.

“The iPhone is quite sensitive to his family now that the young man died while trying to recover that. Unlike other phones, the iPhone is relatively easier to track and we are trying to track it, ”said Debarshi Datta, SRP Kharagpur.