Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz and Himanshi's struggle continues; The first reveals that he is the least liked celebrity in the Punjabi industry

One of the most entertaining contestants of Bigg Boss 13 , Shehnaz Gill he got out of control and started behaving wild as soon as he saw his arch-rival, Himanshi Khurana at home. Shehnaz seemed disturbed by Himanshi's entrance, while she completely ignored it.

Before the entrance of Himanshi, Shehnaz was seen confessing about his struggle to Arti singh . At first I hesitated to talk about the controversy. However, after Arti tried it, she revealed that she had a big dispute with Himanshi and that it was a worldwide controversy. During his conversation with Arti, Shehnaz continued to reveal that he became the celebrity he least liked. Punjabi industry After the controversy

Arti consoles her and tells her that in the coming years people would want to work with her and she will rule the Punjabi industry .

Himanshi's entrance took Shehnaz by surprise. She was seen shedding tears and asked her friends Arti and Sidharth never to leave their side. They promised to always support her. Shehnaz repeatedly tried to talk to Himanshi but ignored him.

Shehnaz continued to apologize to Himanshi and asked him to sit down and talk to her. But the singer and actress stood firm in her decision. She tells Shehnaz that she doesn't feel comfortable since the first one had spoken badly about her parents and that it would not be easy for her to forgive her.

Later, Himanshi talks to the camera and says that if Shehnaz apologizes to her parents on national television, she can think about forgiving her.

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