Areas of Uttarakhand throughout China to obtain aerodromes: Gen Rawat

DEHRADUN: The general said on Sunday that the Army, with the support of the state government, is working to establish advanced landing fields/airfields in the mountainous areas of Uttarakhand that border China.

General Rawat was addressing the 'Raibaar conference' held at the banks, which marked the beginning of the one-week celebrations that led to the day of the state foundation on November 9.

Rawat said it is committed to improving communication, road connectivity and other infrastructure facilities throughout the areas on the Uttarakhand hills that border China. The army is also helping locals living in border areas to deal with occupations such as the cultivation of nuts and pine nuts, the general added.

Rawat also said the Indian army and will extend all possible support to improve connectivity in Uttarakhand, whether by road, rail or air.

Noting that Uttarakhand has given numerous soldiers and brave officers to the armed forces, the Army Chief also paid tribute to soldiers from the state who gave their lives in the line of duty.

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