The owners of SC in the last ditch tried to save the floors of Kochi

NEW DELHI: In a final attempt to save their homes that will be demolished, the owners of apartments in Kochi have presented one in which it is the last option available for them to reexamine the SC order.

The SC had ordered the demolition of five residential apartment complexes for being built in violation of. The owners of the apartments had submitted a petition for review, but the court dismissed it and have now filed a curative petition. The curative statement has been submitted by residents of, which has 40 apartments.

Requesting relief, the owners of the apartments said they were not given the opportunity to present their case to the committee designated by the SC on the basis of whose report the court ordered the demolition of the buildings. The petitioners said they were never heard before the HC or the SC and urged the court to give them a hearing to present their case.