Abhishek Sharma cuts her wrist on set

television actor Abhishek Sharma He encountered an accident during the filming of the 'Nimki Vidhayak' program recently. He had to stop shooting immediately and run to a hospital when a piece of glass pierced his wrist when he broke a glass while filming a scene for the show.

When they contacted me, Abhishek said: “I had to represent a scene where I crushed a glass of water in my hand in frustration. It was a normal scene, but I cut my right wrist deeply when the glass pieces He fell on him. I had to be taken to the hospital as he began to bleed profusely. I have eight and nine points on my wrist. I will not be able to shoot for the show for a week other than me in pain and my movements are also restricted. ”

What added to his problems is that his family, including his parents, wife and brother, had come to see him filming for the program that day. It's unfortunate that all this happened at a time when my family was close and they couldn't see me shoot, the actor added.