I play a forensic officer who fears the dark

Actor Pavel Navageethan He is becoming director of the forensic crime thriller, V1 . The movie stars the actor Ram Arun Castro to the head. The young actor says: “My character is a coroner, who was initially a policeman. Due to a medical condition: Nichtophobia (fear of the dark), he resorts to this profession. His close friend brings him a case, and how that forces him to overcome his fear, and also solve it, forms the plot.

His character is an expert in body language, so he had to remain impassive when talking to others. “At the most, there had to be a fixed mild smile on my face that didn’t give away anything. Since my director himself is an actor, it was easy for me, like communicating to what extent I had to be expressive, and that helped a lot. Also, I met psychologists and people who have Nichtophobia , and they gave some tips, like how they literally start shaking when there is darkness and sit down when they encounter it. Such minor details came in handy while shaping my performance,” he elaborates.

Arun admits that acting was not a childhood passion, but something in which he developed an interest only during his university days at BITS, Pilani. I was a tennis player, but I realized that I could not progress to a higher level in the sport, so I quit. I was not passionate about anything else for a while. We used to play dramas and I was fascinated by the process of entering and interpreting different characters. I decided to learn the trade and did courses at the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi and at the Indian School of Drama, ”he says.

In addition to playing some minor roles, he was also the protagonist in Ottathooduvan, a period film about India's first postman.