I'm in a Ravichandran movie, but I don't have scenes with him

As a debutant, working on a V Ravichandran movie means a lot to Nisarga Lakshman , which plays a fundamental role in the week Aa Drushya . “Unfortunately, I don't have scenes with Ravi sir. My character appears in flashback sequences, as part of Ravi Sir's account of the case of a missing girl: me. It means a lot to be in a Ravi sir movie, but since we didn't have scenes together, I set out to go to the set one day when I was filming and I met him, ”says the rookie. So, how did this movie happen? “I was following an interior design course, when producer K Manju Sir, who is a friend of my uncle, asked me if I would be interested in playing a role in the film. It would be a mistake to say that I had no film aspirations, but at that time, acting was not on the agenda. I really liked the role after director Shiva Ganesh He gave me a narrative, but I took it back only after finishing my course, says Nisarga.

Once on board, the young woman took acting classes for a couple of months to prepare for her season in front of the camera. Then i have Bhajarangi 2 with Shivarajkumar señor. El director (A) Harsha quería que aprendiera gimnasia para el papel. Aunque soy una bailarina entrenada, fue difícil captar los matices de la gimnasia en una semana. Empiezo a filmar para la película esta semana ”, dice Nisarga with entusiasmo.