We dilute Article 370 twelve times without controversy: Congress

DEHRADUN: On Sunday he said it was diluted and repealed that he granted special status up to twelve times without creating any controversy.

At a press conference here, the Congress spokesman said: Not once or twice, but the Congress party diluted Article 370 up to 12 times, but without letting any controversy erupt.

Kheda said the country's affairs are handled through dialogue and not through controversy.

He said that Congress understands this fact, but the ruling BJP does not, since its entire policy is based on controversies.

Kheda said the party's position on Article 370 has not changed at all, but it opposes the way the BJP government overturned it.

He also accused the government of BJP in the Center of not implementing the GST properly, saying that it has resulted in small entrepreneurs, manufacturers and farmers who are today on the verge of ruin.

Alleging that he noticed imposed by the Narendra Modi The government had caused the country's economy to falter, said a similar note imposed during Indira Gandhi The tenure as prime minister had not caused him any harm.

There used to be in circulation in those days Rs 10,000 notes, which were banned when Indira Gandhi was the PM but no one had to queue up outside banks nor was there any controversy, he said.

Expressing concern about the regional free trade agreement, Kheda said that if India signs the agreement it will ruin small farmers, small merchants and small manufacturers.

Even otherwise, Chinese products, available in abundance in Indian markets, are affecting the country's small merchants. Now the government wants even milk from New Zealand and Australia to be imported, Kheda said.