The initial problems of India in the T20 are revealed

NEW DELHI: As Indian cricket despairs every day to form a solid medium order in limited-limit cricket, there is a persistent problem that grows at the top of the order in the T20 format. It is the amount of time it takes for starters to take off. Shikhar Dhawan The stuttering of 42 balls 41 on Sunday only magnified the issue. Historically, Rohit Sharma It has also been a slow start against the new ball.

Despite his amazing association as ODI, the duo has struggled to take the team to a wheel in the T20 cricket. Rohit generally makes up for lost time, but Dhawan's inability to constantly bat in fifth gear looks you in the face.

On top of the local season, new batting coach Vikram Rathour had admitted that the floor starts, the order could link the team back in the race until the T20 World Cup next year. Therefore, team management has been trying to get capable hitters to No. 10. “Yes, we would like to be more aggressive in Powerplay. That's why we want a long batting lineup so that players can freely play order, ”Rathour had said before the second T20I against South Africa in Mohali in September.

However, the ploy seems to be taking longer to grow in Dhawan. He has been cautious all this time. And even more on Sunday. It could be the fact that he lost Rohit in advance in the tickets. It could be that I was factoring virat Kohli The absence that makes him the only batter experienced in the lineup. But the large number of points balls he plays cannot avoid dissection. He may have been playing the guide, but he struggled to mark the tickets as well as Kohli would. That again highlights the importance of Kohli in the middle.

Dhawan has played enough cricket in the Ferozeshah Kotla to know the variables in the field. He even spent a full season with Delhi Capitals this year. However, his inability to set the pace of the tickets leaves no room for maneuver for the young mid-level, which consists of players struggling to consolidate their places.

On Saturday, Rohit had emphasized the need for young people to adapt to batting in different numbers. These guys fight for their IPL franchise. They must understand that when they play international cricket, they will not get their batting positions. Batting for the IPL franchise and in international cricket is very different, Rohit said.

Rohit also said that many strategies are needed to form a winning combination in the T20 cricket. He emphatically stated that India needs to do a lot of work to reach higher than No. 5 in the T20I ranking. Establishing solid totals to defend is one thing that team management has identified as a major problem. Perhaps, it is time for India's most experienced hitters to take care of themselves and lay the groundwork for children to take advantage.