States to establish van dhan model centers, IIPA to verify ground deployment

NEW DELHI: With the aim of establishing 3,000 Van Dhan Vikas Kendras (VDVK) before March 31, 2020, to link 10 Lakh tribal families with projects that add value to forest products, the tribal federation of cooperative marketing development of India (Trifed) has asked state governments to establish VDVK models that explain their operation in a prominent place in their states.

The idea is to show short and long term plans through these centers that involve tribes in what is considered one of the largest group self-help entrepreneurship programs.

With more than 660 VDVKs approved for implementation to cover 2 Lakh tribal families, these models, which are expected to come out later this month, are seen as a tool to show the way. To create these VDVK models, each state will receive Rs 1 lakh. Detailed guidelines for VDVK models have been issued.

To verify delays, Trifed has partnered with the Indian Institute of Public Administration to conduct a statewide performance evaluation. The IIPA teams will visit a state every month from December. “We believe that monthly feedback is important instead of annual evaluations. Even the idea behind setting up VDVK models in prominent locations in all states is to take home the point that this is feasible. In addition, each state will implement the projects in different ways according to these guidelines. The conditions and demands of the local tribal belt will guide the execution of the project, ”said Dr. Trifed Pravir Krishna.

These decisions were made in a two-day review of Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan Yojana last week. The performance of the states was reviewed and it turned out that the government had not yet approved the proposals to allow the Center to sanction the funds under the scheme. Odisha and have taken the lead with 156 and 136 VDVK proposals, respectively, sanctioned for implementation.

In addition to West Bengal, there are 11 other states and territories in the Union where the VDVKs have not been sanctioned and the reason is largely attributed to bureaucratic delays in finalizing the proposals. , which has not submitted any proposals, has pledged to approve proposals for 100 VDVK in November. Tripura, Goa and are in the process of finalizing proposals.