The BJP-JJP coalition government based on 'selfish interests' will not last long: Abhay Chautala

CHANDIGARH: Damageing the prospects of any truce in the Chautala clan, the INLD's lonely MLA, Abhay Chautala, on Sunday accused his nephew JJP led by Dushyant Chautala of forging a post-poll alliance with the BJP for selfish interest and claimed the government Coalition in Haryana will not last long.

They united for their selfish interests, he told reporters outside the state executive meeting of his party here.

Haryana former prime minister Om Prakash Chautala Abhay Chautala's youngest son made the controversial comments days after his elder brother Ajaya Chautala, whose son was sworn in as the state's chief vice minister in the state government led by BJP, met him, prompting the hope of a truce in the clan.

In ridiculing the BJP-JJP alliance, Abhay Chautala said his party led by a nephew joined the BJP after fiercely opposing the recent polls of the assembly.

He said the prime minister used to call Dushyant Chautala a gappu (boasting), while JJP used to attack BJP on several fronts.

But now they have come together for their selfish interests and not to protect people's interests. Such alliances do not last long and the government will finally fall, he said, adding that the two allies were now fighting for portfolio allocation in the government.

Khattar has not yet included any minister in his cabinet, except Dushyanat, said Abhay Chautala, adding that the portfolios will be allocated only after the ministers are incorporated.

The only INLD MLA also dug his nephew, saying that as a deputy Hisar, Dushyant may have driven a tractor to Parliament to gain support from farmers, but he has little knowledge about agriculture.

the Bharatiya Janata Party and Jannayak Janata party have formed the government in alliance in Haryana. the state government also enjoys support of seven independent MLAs.

In the October 21 assembly polls, the BJP had won 40 seats in the 90-member House, falling short by six MLAs for a simple majority. the JJP had won 10 seats, Congress 31, independents seven and INLD and Haryana Lokhit Party one each.

While Dushyant's incipient JJP has ten members, his uncle Abhay Singh Chautala is the only MLA in his party.

the JJP had been formed after a vertical split in the INLD last year amid a festering feud in the Chautala clan. the INLD slumped to its worst ever performance in recent assembly polls.

In Congress that won 31 seats, Abhay Chautala said the party should have been decimated but they got more seats due to the division of votes.

If you see their last five years, you will accept that they should have been routed. Because they had no organizational structure in districts or posts or any agenda. They fought each other for five years. They did not raise any voice inside or outside the assembly, he said.

He said, on the contrary, that it was the INLD that raised the voice of people both inside and outside the Vidhan Sabha.

Acorralamos al gobierno en cada tema, ya sea en relación con the empleados, comerciantes, agricultores o jóvenes, dijo.

About the BJP, he said he had predicted that they will malfunction.

Their percentage of votes fell by 25 percent of what they had won in the surveys of Lok Sabha (58 percent) (from Haryana).

Respondiendo a una pregunta sobre el bajo rendimiento del INLD en las encuestas de la asamblea, Abhay Chautala dijo que están recibiendo comentarios y sugerencias de the trabajadores sobre esto.

Hablando de the próximos programas de INLD, dijo que su partido siempre ha librado una batalla por obtener agua a través de the canales SYL.

" the SYL is my priority. If need be, we will once again launch an agitation so that Haryana gets its due share of water," he said.