The Delhi NCR schools will remain closed until Tuesday; Government issues health advice

NOIDA: All public and private schools up to Class 12 in the National will remain closed until Tuesday following the increase in pollution levels, authorities said.

The Gautam Buddh Nagar and Ghaziabad administrations said the decision has been made since particle levels 2.5 and 10 have been excessive in the air since Diwali , resulting in a significant drop in overall air quality.

Transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses, which many schools use for children, are the main contributors of PM 2.5 and PM 10. The movement of such vehicles in the city could now aggravate the situation, said district magistrate BN Singh in a statement. writing order

Therefore, all schools until class 12 in Gautam Buddh Nagar are ordered to remain closed on November 4 and 5, he added.

Ghaziabad District Judge Ajay Shankar Pandey approved a similar order, stating that the contamination was affecting the health of the children.

In, the Department of School Education issued an order to the deputy commissioners of Gurgaon and asked them to ensure the closure of all government, private and attended schools on Monday and Tuesday.

According to data from the Central Pollution Control Board, the average air quality index from Saturday to Sunday at 4 pm in Noida was 495, 482 in, 491 in Ghaziabad, 486 in Gurgaon and 496 in Faridabad, all in severe category, which means that it affects healthy people and severely affects people with existing diseases.

A panel ordered by the Supreme Court on Friday declared a public health emergency in Delhi-NCR and had banned all construction work, firecracker bursts, among others, in the region to address the critical situation.

Delhi government health advice

The Delhi government issued a health notice and asked people to avoid outdoor activities as much as possible, especially during the morning and evening hours.

In a statement, Delhi's health minister Satyendar Jain said the air pollution had reached a severe level and asked people to follow the steps to follow and not do, as mentioned in the notice.

The notice said that air pollution could cause respiratory problems in healthy people in prolonged exposure and serious respiratory diseases or other serious illnesses for the vulnerable population, even in a short exposure.

Therefore, the general public is advised to avoid physical outdoor activities, especially during the morning and evening hours, he said.

Vulnerable people were advised to strictly avoid outdoor activities, stay indoors and keep activity levels low.

The vulnerable population includes elderly people, children under five, pregnant women and people with poor nutritional status.

Traffic police personnel, rickshaw shooters and roadside vendors were advised to take extra precautions.

What should and should not be asked of people who stay indoors and reschedule their outdoor activities, consult doctors in case of difficulty breathing, dizziness, cough, chest discomfort or pain and irritation in the eyes

The government also advised the use of N95 masks, avoiding heavy traffic and contaminated areas, keeping doors and windows closed in the morning and at dusk.

He also asked people to use public transportation, avoid driving two-wheelers and other vehicles, and quit smoking.