Madhya Pradesh: the woman jumps well with two children, leaves after being scared, the children die

BHOPAL: A woman got along well with two 6 and 8 year old children. Frightened at the well, she left alive leaving behind the children who died.

The incident took place at the district's Aamla police station around 10 p.m. Saturday. The children's bodies were removed on Sunday morning.

The deceased were identified as Pari, 6, and Palak, 8, both daughters of Seema Modak, 38, and her husband Ashok Modak, residents of the village of Lalbadi.

After a dispute between husband and wife, the woman jumped into neighboring Chandrabhan's well with her daughters, police said.

“The well is approximately 45-50 feet deep and full of water. The well was empty for only four feet. The children slipped from his hands when he jumped into the well. Once at the well, he got scared and, desperately, grabbed a rope that lay in the well and left, while the children drowned, ”the Aamla police station in charge, SN Mukati, told TOI. A case has been registered as the two children have died and appropriate action will be taken after the investigations are completed, he said.

Seema's husband, Ashok Modak had told police there were disputes between the couple since they were married. On Saturday he had taken the two girls to visit the Laxmi temple and then went to see the village, leaving the girls behind, when the incident occurred, he told police.

The sources said that since the children died, the police are likely to file a murder case against the woman, however, the statements of family members and other local villagers have not yet been registered.