Drivers can apply for a license anywhere in Odisha

BHUBANESWAR: The state government said Friday that jurisdiction will no longer be a problem for people applying for the apprenticeship license (LL), final driver's license (DL) and vehicle registration.

The state transportation authority (STA) issued a circular saying that people can now apply for LL, DL or vehicle registration at any regional transportation office (RTO) in the state.

We have issued the circular to all RTOs on the provision under the amended Motor Vehicles (MV) Act. The former regional RTO restriction has been removed under the amended MV Act, said state transportation commissioner Sanjeeb Panda.

Previously, people who stayed in a particular region would approach the RTO under whose jurisdiction they came to request LL and DL. The circular says that applicants must now show proof of residency anywhere in Odisha to request a license in any RTO.

In another development, the transportation department said that 3.51 lakh LL have been issued throughout the state in just two months (September and October) since the amended MV Act entered into force with abrupt criminal provisions on September 1.

Significantly, 3.48 lakh LL were issued throughout the state last year. According to the instructions of Prime Minister Naveen Patnaik, we installed more infrastructure and opened additional camps to facilitate the issuance of documents related to transportation to people, said a transport official. In view of the inconvenience caused to people due to the strong sanctions in the amended MV Law, Naveen had previously asked the police authorities to grant people three months to prepare their documents.