We're not in a great place with VAR, says Chelsea Lampard boss

Frank Lampard believe the Premier league they are setting a dangerous precedent with the use of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) after the technology intervened to give Watford a late penalty in Chelsea's 2-1 victory at Way of the Vicarage .

Lampard's Chelsea rose to third place in the league with victory on Saturday, but endured some nervous moments in the final stages after Gerard Deulofeu He converted an 80-minute penalty for the hosts.

Deulofeu fell under slight contact from Chelsea Jorginho and after initially signaling a goal kick, referee Anthony Taylor was advised by the VAR to revoke his decision.

We are not in a great place, Chelsea coach told reporters after the game.

I know that (using screens) is a bit controversial, I know it could mean that all fans could ask for it and could pressure the referees.

But if we are turning decisions because an arbitrator in another place believes that it was more a penalty than the referee in the field, then I think we are in a really dangerous place. You are going to throw a coin every week.

At the start of the season, the Premier league decided that it would only use technology for "clear and obvious" errors by on-field referees.

VAR did not give a single penalty or red card in the first nine rounds of the competition, but last weekend it made headlines by canceling five key decisions.

Lampard feels that there has been a change in policy despite receiving guidance at a meeting earlier this week.

"We spoke a lot about it and the absolute consensus from managers, from referees and from the Premier league was that decisions were not going to get overturned unless they were absolutely clear and obvious or VAR saw something that the referee on the pitch didn't see," he added.

(In Jorginho 's case) it didn't, it nowhere near shows that.