Work of an Indian researcher on green batteries granted by the Australian government

NEW DELHI: Indian-born researcher Neeraj Sharma received the Early Career Researcher of the Year award Australian government to develop next generation battery systems like sodium ion battery that will leave a minimal environmental impact.

Sharma, 35, a professor at the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of South Wales (UNSW), received the award at the Goverment house in Sydney by New south Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian On Tuesday, the university team said in a statement.

To develop the next generation of technologies we need better performance, at a lower environmental cost. My work explores lithium-ion batteries, which are found in electronic devices, electric vehicles and the network, as well as next-generation battery systems such as sodium. ion batteries. I find the study of sodium ion batteries particularly fascinating and we have been developing new electrodes for these systems, Sharma said.

Award-winning research explores inherently safe solid-state batteries, energy-dense lithium-sulfur batteries, dual-function solar batteries and recycling methods.

We can enable and improve the absorption of electric vehicles, ensure that batteries are recycled leaving minimal environmental impact and the transition away from fossil fuels for energy generation and transport. There is a significant opportunity to shape how we live in the future.

As researchers, we are all working in our niche and there is potential, sometimes it is obvious as in batteries and other times it is more subtle, but research really changes the world, he said.