Vice President mutters about profitable desalination initiatives

CHENNAI: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu On Sunday he fought for profitable desalination initiatives to meet the country's drinking water needs and favored further research to address the problem.

Addressing the silver anniversary celebrations of the National Institute of Ocean Technology in Chennai, he commended the institution for its sustained efforts in six key areas of the blue economy, including fishing and renewable ocean energy, marine hydrocarbons and marine biotechnology .

All this was very important for the progress of the nation, said the Vice President.

It will help achieve the 14th of the UN sustainable development goals, which is life underwater.

He claims to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development, he said.

It is necessary to give a strong boost to research and innovation activities in the areas of ocean energy, and biotechnology for the nation to become a leader in those sectors and NIOT can be a precursor to achieve the milestone, he said.

On NIOT technologies for social applications such as desalination plants, he said: I am sure that in the coming days, this desalination process will have a greater momentum because I am worried that we may face water problems and water challenges.

Noting the indications of some people that there may be wars for water throughout the world, he said and added that we should try to use the available sea water and for that we must investigate more and more.

Naidu also said: you have already found some solutions, but it has to be profitable because it converts saline water into drinking water; Fresh water is a very good thing that will solve the problem as much as possible, but the question is at what cost and that is the problem.

Noting that scientific research was being conducted worldwide on this subject, he said that some of the countries he visited depended only on desalination plants for their water needs.

We are a huge country with a population of Rs 130 million and our requirement is also huge; We have to focus our attention on future challenges along with current challenges.

Affirming that the nation has a galloping population, he said, we are not focusing enough attention on population planning, family planning and population planning.

In his characteristic ingenious style, he said that this issue was not very sensitive for politicians who may feel that it could lead to political family planning, since they apparently refer to the likelihood of political implications.

He indicated that they may not feel it, since the initiative was only for the well-being of the people, since resources such as land and water were the same, while the population was increasing along with the challenges included.

Therefore, the planning of families and the population becomes important to take care of the future, he said.

Naidu has launched the Coastal Flood Warning System (CFLOWS-Chennai) application for Chennai developed by the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

Previously, he saw exhibits on cutting-edge and socially relevant technologies developed by NIOT and launched a special postal cover to commemorate his silver jubilee.

The vice president awarded prizes to the winners of competitions held by the institution to commemorate the silver anniversary of NIOT.

The union minister of science and technology, Harsh Vardhan, the governor Banwarilal Purohit, deputy chief minister of Tamil Nadu O Panneerselvam, secretary, ministry of earth sciences, participated.