He will work to conquer those who supported VBA in the Maharashtra: Pawar surveys

MUMBAI: boss Sharad pawar on Sunday he said he will work to win over those sectors of society that turned to Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi, led by Prakash Ambedkar, in recent Assembly surveys.

Addressing the defeated PCN candidates here, Pawar admitted that Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA) harmed his party's prospects in several constituencies.

I will work in the next few days to bring back the sectors of society that went from us to VBA, he said.

Until recently, the VBA voting base belonged to the NCP, he said, claiming that young people, farmers and minorities voted for his party during state assembly polls.

However, despite the hard work, we could not win in some constituencies, Pawar said.

He said during the Lok Sabha Surveys conducted earlier this year, Dalits and Muslims supported the VBA.

But, in the Maharashtra Assembly polls last month, Muslims did not support the team led by Ambedkar, he said.

The head of the PCN also emphasized the need to strengthen party organization, especially in cities such as Mumbai and Thane.

In recent surveys of the 288-member state Assembly, the PCN challenged 117 seats and won 54 seats, 13 more than its account in 2014 when it accumulated 41 seats.

After the results of the state survey were announced on October 24, Congress spokesman Sachin Sawant alleged that VBA ate the votes of the NCP Congress and ensured the defeat of the opposition alliance in 25 seats of the state Assembly.

The VBA prevented the NCP Congress from coming to power, he said.