Aishwarya manager Rai Bachchan undergoes skin graft surgery and is now stable

Last weekend we saw the Bachchan family host your annual Diwali However, in an unfortunate incident, Aishwarya Rai's publicist suffered burns at the scene. Lehenga of Archana Sadanand caught fire due to a diya, Aishwarya and Shahrukh khan He soon ran to his rescue and tried to put out the fire. She was immediately transferred to the Nanavati hospital and admitted to the ICU.

According to a report on an online portal, Archana underwent a skin graft on his right leg on Friday, he is currently in the ICU but is in a stable condition. According to the report, your case is being treated as confidential and Archana will have to stay in the hospital for at least another week.

Speaking about the mishap, a friend of the manager's family and industry insider, who was present at the Bachchan's Diwali party, had stated, “While SRK did indeed jump into the fray to help Archana Sadanand by taking off his sherwani and got involved in the process too - I felt if it wasn't for Aishwarya's presence of mind the situation could have been much much worse for her— the fire was flaring up real quick and if she didn't rip off Archana's clothes like she did, to limit the damage - things could have turned out very different and graver than it is. ”

It has been revealed to us that Aishwarya was in constant contact with his manager's family and also wanted to cancel it even in Rome, but his team assured that things would be handled in his absence. We wish a speedy recovery for Archana Sadanand.