Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Who will win the trophy tonight?

Bigg Boss Telugu season 3, organized by Nagarjuna Akkineni You will witness your winner in a few hours. Ali Reza, Baba Bhaskar, Varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi & Rahul Sipligunj They are the five finalists of the season.

A few hours after the long-awaited grand finale, fans look forward to knowing the winner of this season.

Singer-lyricist Rahul Sipligunj is likely to win the Bigg Boss trophy this season, as per latest reports. However, an official confirmation on this is awaited in tonight’s (November 3) finale. Our online poll on Instagram also confirmed the same with Rahul gaining an edge with 1% more votes than Sreemukhi.

His ‘gully boy’ image got him close to the masses & his music struck a chord with many. Besides his easy-going nature, straightforward talk & sane sense of humour, he stood by his friends when needed. While being targeted by Sreemukhi earned him sympathy, getting frequently nominated for elimination secured him an unparalleled vote back & his close proximity with co-contestant Punarnavi Bhupalam kept him in the minds of the viewers. He always stayed true to his emotions & values. He stood by his friends when needed & didn’t hesitate to drink 20 juices of bitter gourd juice for Punarnavi who was at loggerheads with him before the task.

Though he was initially criticised for not being serious about the tasks & quickly giving up, he soon worked on his game. He gave his best in the ticket to finale tasks & emerged as the first finalist of the season. His remarkable transformation in his Bigg Boss journey makes him one of the most deserving contestants to be the winner.

On the other hand, Sreemukhi has always been a tough contender for the title this season. Her animosity with Rahul in the show was always one of the most talked about topic on social media. Owing to differences with him, she once decided to nominate Rahul for the rest of the season. However, she eventually chose to mind her own game & emerged as the only female contestant to make it to the finals. She is equally popular on social media mostly among the young generation. The beauty with brains is known for her energy, entertainment & performance in the tasks.

With the eviction of Ali Reza, Varun Sandesh & Baba Bhaskar in the grand finale, it is going to be an edgy finale that fans of Rahul & Sreemukhi can't afford to miss.