EESL urges the Delhi government to exempt electric vehicles from the odd scheme

New Delhi, November 3 () The State-run EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Ltd) urged the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, to exempt electric vehicles from the odd or even rationing regime that begins Monday.

We hope that Shri @ArvindKejriwal and the Delhi government realize that the #ElectricVehicles are aligned with their vision to reduce vehicle pollution and exempt them from the odd scheme, EESL tweeted.

The Delhi government has presented the road rationing scheme to address the increase in the level of pollution in the region of the national capital. The scheme will be implemented from November 4 to 15.

The odd peer scheme of the Delhi government is an important step towards reducing pollution in Delhi. It would have been the right time for the Delhi government to highlight the importance of electric vehicles by exempting them from the odd-pair scheme, the company said in one of its tweets.

In addition, he said, Stopping air pollution due to vehicle emissions is the core of the Indian Government's Emobility program. It is unfortunate that the Government of Delhi does not exempt electric vehicles from its odd scheme.

The company also tweeted that this inclusion of electric vehicles, along with cars with IC motor, in the odd scheme of Delhi sends a wrong message to people in the city and throughout India, especially at a time when the Center and the states are all united and in transition to electric vehicles to combat air pollution.

Pollution levels in Delhi and satellite cities skyrocketed again on Sunday morning, with air quality bordering on the category of 'severe plus' in several places. A slight increase in wind speed and a slight drizzle on Saturday led to a drop in pollution levels with the air quality index set at 399 at night. KKS MKJ