It bothers me when I see the judges feel harassed: CJI designates in the criticisms of social networks

NEW DELHI: Having a bleak view of the rampant criticism of the judges on social networks for some of their judicial actions, the President of the Supreme Court of India says that it bothers him when he sees the judges feel harassed and finds The attack hard to ignore.

Judge Bobde, who will take office as the 47th President of the Supreme Court of India on November 18, also said that unrestricted criticism was not only scandalous but also tore the judges' reputation.

Criticism of judges rather than their judgments, even on social media, is actually a crime of 'defamation,' said Bobde, 63, during an extensive interview with PTI.

When asked if the criticism of the judges bothers him, Judge Bobde said: Up to a point. Yes. It bothers me. That may affect the performance of the courts and I see judges who feel harassed. Up to that point it bothers me. Nobody likes it. Not everyone is thick enough to ignore them. Judges are also normal human beings.

However, he said that at this time, the higher court cannot do anything to address uncontrolled criticism on social media platforms.

What can we do. We cannot do anything to this type of media as of now. We do not know what steps to take. Not only are they scandalous, but they destroy the reputation of the people and that of the judges, he said and added sarcastically. In addition to that, there is a complaint that there is no freedom of expression.

Criticizing the judge and not the trial is defamation, said Judge Bobde, who will have a mandate of approximately.

Judge Bobde said that the highest priority of any judicial system has to be the dispensation of timely justice, since it cannot be unduly delayed or rushed unduly.

An undue delay in the delivery of justice could result in an increase in crime and also in the erosion of the rule of law, he said.

Judge Bobde said the government is very much alive to the needs of the judiciary, such as the lack of infrastructure and that the Center and state governments are making adequate provisions for this.

He said that it is time for the judiciary to resort to modern functioning, even for the dispensation of justice, since it would help the judges to deliver justice quickly.

The highest priority of any judicial system has to be justice and without cost it can be sacrificed for anything else because that is the reason for the existence of the courts and if that is sacrificed, rest does not matter, only the objective is justice . In that process, you must ensure that it is delivered in a reasonable time, Judge Bobde said.

We cannot have instant justice. It has a very bad connotation in this world. Therefore, justice cannot be unduly delayed and cannot be rushed unduly. It must arrive in due time. Because we have seen that an undue delay in the delivery of justice can result in an increase in crime, he said.

When giving illustrations, he said that there can be extortion if money suits are not decreed, muscular force can be used to evict people and that is not desirable.

In other words, it can lead to erosion of the rule of law. Therefore, we must do everything possible to ensure that justice is done on time. Obviously for this, sufficient and adequate infrastructure is needed, he said.

When asked if the Supreme Court has a decision to have a permanent constitutional bank of five judges to deal with issues of vital importance, he said that the head of the CJI has some ideas in this regard.

Let's see how I will analyze it. It can be said that the Supreme Court is likely to have a permanent bank, he said.

On the lack of infrastructure in the judiciary, Judge Bobde said: I think the government is very much alive in the face of the need and the central government, as well as the state governments, are making adequate provisions for the infrastructure.

In the course of operation, it is time for us to resort to modern operation, including artificial intelligence for dispensing, not to replace a judge, not to replace a judge's discretion, but to help a judge in quick justice and accurate, he said.

On the issue of the huge vacancies of judges in the courts throughout the country, Judge Bobde said that he would take the logical steps taken by the head of the CJI in this regard.

Judge Gogoi has taken note of the vacancies and lack of infrastructure in the courts and supervises them by issuing instructions to all states and the respective superior courts to do what is necessary within a fixed period.

When asked how he relaxes later and overloaded the hearings in cases where the moods are very high among the lawyers, Judge Bobde responded cryptically and said: I forget it the moment I get up from the seat. I just forget it.

He is part of the 5-judge Constitution Bank that is expected to give its long-awaited Ayodhya verdict in the coming days.