Cody Simpson spends quality time with Miley Cyrus and her family

Singer Cody Simpson is trying to mix well with the members of the pop-icon family Miley Cyrus after they saw him spend time with his mother Tish and his younger sister Noah.

The four seemed to have a good time together, documenting their naughty movements in videos in their Instagram stories. In a sweet black and white video shared by Simpson, the 26-year-old singer can be seen trying to take something off his face before they both started laughing.

He's my baby, you can hear the singer of 'Don't Call Me Angel' saying of Simpson while she snuggled on his shoulder.

The two also praised Miley's mother for her Smoked bear Halloween costume. In a video shared by Noah of his mother dancing to show the diffuse ensemble, you can see Simpson and Miley leaning on a counter together in the family kitchen, laughing and singing Smokey!

Towards the end of the night, Noah shared another video of her and Simpson eating grapes and toast, revealing that they had Miley cooking for them.

We've had [Miley Cyrus] make us 4 pieces of toast wit [sic] butter n now making her make 2 more as we are shoveling grapes DOOOWWWWN, the Make Me singer shared on her Instagram Story, tagging Simpson.

Miley's boyfriend was previously with his family when he went out to breakfast with the Wrecking Ball singer in Los Angeles last month and the couple joined Cyrus's mother in the cafe, People Magazine reported.