Stressing the importance of education and moral values.

Dr. Sanjeev Pathak, Zonal Dy Manager, Bank of India on the occasion of the week of Consciousness Surveillance conducted by the Bank at the Poorna Prajna School, Dahisar (East), he addressed students, parents and teachers and talked about the importance of education in India. He said, "Education system plays a pivotal role in moving towards a corruption-free India." On the occasion Bank of India , Mumbai North Zone had organised drawing and slogan writing competition for students of Poorna Prajna School. The competition was organised with a motive of creating awareness among the children on the ill-effects of corruption and the importance of integrity in all the walks of their future life. Students expressed their thoughts on the subject through creative means of drawing and slogans.


Dr. Pathak further emphasized the role of parents and teachers in making children aware of a society that deals with moral values ​​and everything comes from our

Ancient writings Sheetal Baria, Administrative Officer, Sarla Putharan, H M, pre-primary, Varsha Oza, H.M. Primary section, Rachana Sharma, H.M. Poorna Prajna High School were present during the event.