Ke Apon Ke By update, November 2: Palak returns in an injured state

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , family members are worried about Palak who disappeared in a shocking way. Joba talks to the police and asks if he could find out. Tandra and Palak. While some of the family members think Tandra has abducted Palak while running away as bait, Mayuri feels that Palak has helped Tandra to run away.

Rinki and Tanna object and share that Palak would never do that. She was a changed human being and can do anything to save the family. Sarthak and Itu also defend Palak. Rinki breaks down while Joba consoles her. Joba tells that Palak can never help Tandra.

While the family members keep guessing, someone knocks at the door. Suddenly, someone knocks at the door. Rinki rushes to answer the door and finds Palak in an injured state.

All the family members heave a sigh of relief seeing Palak safe. They are equally curious about Palak’s sudden absence. Palak shares the entire incident. She tells, when Joba was publicly confronting Tandra, she (Palak) was standing near the stage with the aim of nabbing her (Tandra). Suddenly, the lights went off and Tandra was running away. Palak decided to follow her when she saw a man helping Tandra to sneak out. Palak followed them till a certain place and suddenly she lost the car. Right then someone hit Palak from the backside leaving her unconscious. Hours later, she found herself in a deserted place and somehow managed to comeback.

The family members are shocked to learn the incident. Mayuri doesn’t believe her and says Palak must be lying. It leaves the latter shattered. Joba comes to Palak’s rescue and defends her. Joba also notices the wound on Palak’s head and asks Itu and Rinki to give her first-aid.

Later, the ladies enjoy sindoor Khela and celebrate Vijaya Dashami. Joba wishes Param to Vijaya Dashami and he kisses her on the forehead.