Karthi thanks fans for the success of 'Khaidi', mocks the sequel

The recent launch of Karthi ‘Khaithi’, titled ‘Khaidi’ in Telugu received a good response from both critics and the audience, despite facing the tough competition of Vijay ‘Whistle’.

Thanking the fans for all the love that launched the movie, he shared a note that says: I don't know if I can thank you enough for the amount of love and appreciation you have provided for #Kaithi #Khaidi. We set out to present an exciting story and our team put their heart into it. But we never expected such an overwhelming response. I give a great bow with a heart of gratitude! Thank you and I love you all! (Sic)

Thanking Mahesh babu for his comments too, he wrote: Thank you mahesh! Our team was delighted to see your comments. Admire your love for cinema! ”(Sic) Making fun of his character Dilli will soon return to the screen with a continuation for the film, with ‘Khaidi 2’, he wrote, “To my brothers and sisters who have given me so much love and stayed with me in all the ups and downs, I'll keep working hard to make you feel proud! Dilli will be back for you! #Kaithi #Khaidi. ”(Sic)