Parineeti Chopra does everything possible for the new version of Girl On The Train

Anyone who has been with Parineeti Chopra in London in his schedule of almost two months for the New version of Girl On The Train swear by what he delivered. The actress, for the first time, will be seen in a gray character who is a furious drunk. According to a set source, the actress was extremely excited to play such a challenging character. “For a part of the movie, she has a pathetic-looking scar on her face. It was aesthetically created on his forehead and became part of his character in the movie. She was very sporty about the whole look. Although he played a gray character, he was very jovial on the set. In fact, on his days off, he took his team to all of London, showing them places where he stayed when he was a student, where he ate and where he bought on those days. She showed them around as a tour guide and was very happy to spend quality time with them, says the source, and adds: After this, when he had to return to the character, he did it effortlessly. He barely had time to do a physical preparation for the character because he was promoting another movie before that. He had action scenes in the movie, which he did without blinking or any specific training.