A story of an unlikely friendship.

Chuni Panna, a new series, which will air soon, is a moving story of friendship between a human and a ghost . Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. And what happens when your friend happens to be a ghost ? It marks the beginning of an unexpected friendship.

Chuni Panna will depict an unlikely friendship that blossoms between a human and a ghost . The story will explore the ups and downs of a very unique friendship where we see a human and a ghost fulfilling each other’s wishes. It is the story of Chuni, a strong-willed and inquisitive girl, who is an aspiring ghost buster. Growing up, Chuni would hunt out haunted places in the hope of meeting a ghost . As fate would have it, she gets married to Nirbhik — who lives in a Haunted house . The old house is inhabited by the ghost of Panna, who was the original owner of the house. Bitter, angry and unpredictable, Panna creates hell for Chuni’s in-laws. Chuni is initially shocked and tongue-tied, but thrilled when the ghost starts interacting with her. What ensues is a series of events that is sure to warm the audience’s hearts and tickle the funny bone.