The top-down approach will help the growth of women's football: Sarai Bareman

MUMBAI: women's football is at the peak of its popularity since the recent conclusion FIFA Women's World Cup in France. The challenge of reaching new heights is to maintain that standard and then take it to a higher level. For women's football, Sarai Bareman He has the task of this very demanding job.

As FIFA 's chief women's football officer, Sarai has the responsibility of ushering this new era and while she says that grassroots will always be important, a federation's top-to-down approach is what will take the game forward. As India gear up to host the women's U-17 World Cup next year, the New Zealand-born Samoan says there's no better time than now to start that approach.

There must be a very clear support from top to bottom. People who manage football must have a very clear decision from above that they will support women's football. When you have that kind of support from the highest level, which I see here in India, it means that the people under whom they have to deliver feel empowered. When the people around you, who may not be on board in the first place, see the big bosses who drive it, it becomes something they have, Sarai told TOI in an exclusive interaction before the launch of the Cup emblem Women's U-17 World Cup 2020 here on Saturday.

Around 1.12 billion people watched this year's Women's World Cup, which was the highest audience of the four-year extravagance, but the conversation dominated around the eventual US winner. UU. And his fight with his federation for equal pay. Sarai says she is fine with women who use the World Cup as a platform to express their opinions.

Soccer in general is the right platform. The fact that football and our World Cups can provide the platform for these discussions to take place is incredible. I would applaud those players who have the courage to speak with conviction and talk about what they value, she says.

However, does that take anything away from the beautiful football that women played? The former Samoan footballer disagrees.

I don't think I take anything away from them. In any case, it adds to the general atmosphere of the competition because there are a certain number of people who are attracted to those conversations that perhaps were not initially attracted to football. They came hand in hand, it actually created a larger platform to attract people, watch sports, watch athletes and listen to those conversations, she says.

It will be the second time India has organized a FIFA World Cup , having hosted the U-17 Men's World Cup in 2017. The Women's World Cup will be held in four cities across the country and Sarai feels she can act as a catalyst for the sport to grow in the country.