Lemon Tree Hotels will add 3 Aurika Hotels and Resorts by 2021

New Delhi, November 3 () Hospitality firm Lemon Tree Hotels is looking to open three more properties under its luxury brand Aurika Hotels and Resorts across the country by the end of 2021, a senior company official said.

The hotel firm, mainly in the middle segment of the market, recently marked its entry into Udaipur, with its first hotel under the Aurika Hotels and Resorts brand, which offers 139 rooms and suites.

We plan to open three more hotels under the Aurika Hotels and Resorts brand by the end of 2021 across the country, said the president of Lemon Tree Hotels and MD Patanjali G Keswani.

The company plans to rename its existing Lemon Tree Premier in Corbett to Aurika, Corbett, as that hotel offers a truly exclusive experience, he added.

We have signed a hotel in Coorg, which again follows the line of luxury products, and we hope to launch Aurika, Coorg in the next fiscal year, Keswani said.

At the end of 2021, we will launch our hotel in MIAL, Aurika, Mumbai, which currently has 577 keys, however, we will request permission to increase to 669 keys, which is a formality, he added.

Meanwhile, Lemon Tree Hotels hopes to sign many more Aurika Hotels&Resorts, and expects to work with different proprietary partners in the management of its luxury hotels, Keswani said.

When asked about the logic behind the creation and launch of this luxury brand, Keswani said: The reason is semi-strategic and semi-opportunistic.

The company has realized that as the share of its loyal guests' portfolio increases and they look for luxury hotels for their leisure or business trips, it did not have the right product offer in its portfolio, he added.

Therefore, we could anticipate the need for luxury hotels that meet the requirements of our guests, Keswani said.

The other reason was that in many places in the country where the cost of real estate, construction and other auxiliary costs are too high to provide a feasible opportunity to build profitable hotels of medium or high scale, it made commercial sense to open luxury hotels. additional. With the launch of Aurika, Udaipur, which is our own hotel, we can show our commercial acumen and operational excellence in the management of luxury hotels, and we will become a formidable force in the management of luxury hotels, as we have done until now in the economy, the middle scale and the upper middle scale, Keswani said. AKT MKJ