Naveen Patnaik announces immediate relief for people affected by cyclone Fani in 5 districts

BHUBANESWAR: Prime Minister Naveen Patnaik On Sunday Announced Immediate Relief For Families Afflicted By Extremely Heavy Cyclone Storm Fani That Caused Destruction In More Than 5 Districts After Landing On May 3.

If The Whole Puri District And Parts Of Khurda Districts Are Severely Damaged, Naveen Announced That All Families Are Covered Under National Food Security Act () In Extremely Severely Affected Districts Of Puri And Parts Of Khurda Will Immediately Get Relief Of 50 Kg Of Rice And Rs 2000 And A Polythene Sheet.

" For The Parts Of The Khurda District That Are Also Affected, For All Families Covered By A Food Scheme, An Additional One-month Quota Of Rice, Rs 1000, And Polyethylene Plate Will Be Provided," Naveen Announced After Having Made Up The Balance Sheet Of The Situation Here At A High Level Meeting Attended By Senior Government Officials.

In Moderate Affected Districts Such As Kendrapada And Affected Families Receive An Extra Monthly Quote Of Rice And Rs 500 As Immediate Relief.

The Chief Minister Also Announced That People Get One Month Extra Pension (retirement Pension, Widowed And Needy) And Help Building Houses By Help Code.

The House Damage Assistance Will Amount To Rs 95,100 For Completely Damaged Constructions, While Rs Will Be 5,200 For Partially Damaged Constructions And Rs 3,200 For Minor Damages.

" Houses That Have Been Completely Damaged Will Be Quickly Reconstructed In The Context Of Housing Projects," Said Naveen.

Because The Cyclone Has Also Caused Massive Damage To Standing Crops And Animal Resources, It Said That Loss Of Agricultural And Horticultural Crops And Animal Resources, Fisheries, Will Be Assessed And Compensated Accordingly.

To Compensate For The Loss Of Ecology Caused By The Shredding Of More Than 1 Lakh Trees, The Tree Planting Will Be Taken Into Mission Mode Soon After Recovery And Restoration.

The Chief Minister Said Damage Assessment Is Going On In Full Swing. “Within 48 Hours Of Calamity, Water Supply In 70 Per Cent Area Or Puri Has Been Restored And We Hope To Restore To 90 Per Cent Area By Evening. Water Supply Has Been Restored In 40 Percent Areas Of Bhubaneswar And Remaining Shortly," He Said.

Despite The Premier's Claim, People In Various Parts Of The Capital Struggle To Get Water. People In Many Areas Even Took Refuge In Protest Where Officials Were Accused Of Not Restoring The Water Supply.

After Taking Stock Of Restoration Process, Naveen Left For Puri To Review The Situation On The Ground And Monitor Restoration.