Prantik has a lot of fun shooting with Arpita, Shaheb

Director Shieladitya Moulik is back in the city of Arunachal Pradesh after completing the outdoor filming of Hridpindo with Arpita Chatterjee, Shaheb Chatterjee and Prantik Banerjee. But Prantik didn’t come back to Kolkata as he went to Himachal Pradesh from there. “Trekking is my hobby. It is my passion. So, I went to Himachal from my shoot. It is such a beautiful experience, ”said Prantik who will be back in Kolkata on Sunday. I have added, “The shooting experience of Hridpindo is beautiful. It taught me a lot and enriched me as an actor. The day Shieladityada explained a scene is something I will remember forever in my career. And I can't thank enough Arpita di- she is such a senior actor but the way she helped me on the sets is unbelievable. I was shaky when I shot the first scene with her as it is not easy to do a hugging scene with an actor who is senior to you. But it was Arpita di who made things easy. Shaheb gives too is a darling. I have used to sit in front of the monitor and guide me so that I perform better. This outdoor schedule really helped to make our bond stronger. ”n The story of Hridpindo revolves around the tussle between heart and mind when it comes to love. “In the film, we will see that there is an emotional havoc among three people who are interconnected with each other - Somok, Wrick and Arja. Does Arja’s heart guide her to the real love, when she loses her mind? Or is heart merely a lump of muscle, incapable of feeling any emotions is the crux of this film, ”informed Prantik.