Update from Manjil Virinja Poovu, November 1: Anjana accepts divorce

In the recent episode of Virov Poovu Manjil , the judge insists on meeting Anjana and she enters the cabin. The judge asks the reason for the divorce and Anjana reports the incidents. She tells about Manu's physical and mental torture. Anjana also mentions that Manu suspects his participation in the case of Arun. After hearing Anjana's part, the judge asks Anjana's final decision. Anjana says she needs to divorce Manu.

Later, the judge meets Anjana and Manu together. She declares that she is convinced of Anjana's divorce petition and gives them time for 3 months.

In PK corporations, Mallika and Rajeev decide to send Anjana for a national conference on behalf of the company. Meanwhile, the lawyer calls Mallika and reports on the divorce case. Mallika is upset knowing that Anjana has accepted the divorce.

Anjana returns to PK Nilayam and Suja finds her. Suja asks Anjana about the reason for agreeing to divorce. Anjana says she will miss Prathibha, but mentions that this is the best decision. Meanwhile, Mallika comes to meet Anjana. Anjana panics if Mallika will be furious with her over the divorce case. But, Mallika appreciates Anjana for the bold decision.

Later, Mallika informs Anjana about the conference and suggests that she be prepared. Initially, Anjana does not agree to be part of the conference, but then agrees.

At night, Manu meets Mallika and informs him about the divorce case. Hearing this, Mallika replies that Manu will regret the decision soon.