Krishnakoli Update, November 2: Shyama does not comply with Disha

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Aditya and Ashoke discuss the anonymous call he asked Shyama to meet. Aditya suggests Shyama to go alone while, he and Ashoke will follow.

Meanwhile, Disha interrogate the man who closed Nikhil inside the room and set it ablaze. She interrogates him. When the man denies revealing the truth, Disha slaps him. He says the man who asked him to lock Nikhil and torch the factory, was communicating over the phone. He has never seen the caller although he has the phone number.

Meanwhile, Disha thinks that she would have revealed her identity in front Shyama rather than speaking as an anonymous caller. She worries whether Shyama would come to meet her.

Nikhil wakes up to a nightmare and behaves abnormally. The family members are shocked to see him in this state.

Shyama, Aditya and Ashoke go to the place where the anonymous caller (Disha) asked her (Shyama) to meet. Disha is waiting for Shyama. Disha looks at Shyama’s car from a distance. She notices another car and thinks someone must be accompanying Shyama. She decides not to meet her now and hides.

Ashoke and Aditya can't find anyone and think someone must have pranked with Shyama.

The family members notice Shyama isn’t at home. Aditya and Ashoke are also not at home. Nikhil feels restless and decides to find out Shyama right then she comes back home.