11 years ago, I worked on Bumba Da's film as part of the crowd: actor Oloukik Na Loukik, Ridhish Chowdhury.

The Oloukik Na Loukik series is about to air the last episode. In addition to an exciting story, the end of the season had another surprise stored for spectators. Bumba da aka Prosenjit Chatterjee , who is also producing the program, presented on it. Protagonist Ridhish Chowdhury He narrated his experience of sharing the screen with nothing less than Bumba Da.

It is a lifetime experience to share the screen with Bumba Da. When I knew he would appear on the screen, I couldn't believe myself. I was amazed; Even now I am losing words, his voice was quite excited as he spoke.

“Later, when the day came, I was nervous. While reading the script and discussing scenes, I wondered if I was dreaming. He has his aura and it is not easy to act in front of him overlooking that charisma. I wasn't sure if I could deliver my dialogue at all. But the scene went well and Bumba da appreciated me. There are many things to learn from him. Bumba da has a lot of experience, but he is grounded, ”he added.

When asked if he shared the screen with Prosenjit for the first time, Ridhish paused a little. Then, he shared another story. 11 years ago, when the actor worked as a junior artist, he was part of the Prosenjit movie. I also had an actress Swastika Mukherjee . “Back then, I was working as a junior artist and I worked on the film as part of the crowd. You won't be able to find me in the movie that I guarantee, he paused again. Then he added: A few days ago, when I heard Bumba Da's voice addressing me with my name on the screen Vikram, I couldn't believe my ears. It was surreal.

Ridhish, who has now become a familiar name, had to face his part of the fight also for 12 odd years. From being a junior artist to working as a backup dancer, Ridhish has worked hard to earn his position.

Speaking about his experience of sharing the picture with Prosenjit, Ridhish shared how he reread the scenes several times just to make sure he didn't repeat it again. I was quite aware while filming the scenes.

The actor arrived at the dubbing studio 45 minutes before the scheduled time for emotion.

The whole trip is quite close to the heart of Ridhish. There were 16 stories in Oloukik Na Loukik and Ridhish shot consecutively for 150 days for the series. Despite the hectic filming schedule, Ridhish enjoyed everything.

He said: “I had to shoot rigorously for almost 150 days. Due to lack of sleep, I was not keeping well but I couldn't let the outbreak be affected. Rather, I trained and worked even harder. There was a great fight. Veteran actors like Soumitra Chatterjee , Lily Chakravarty Sabyasachi Chakraborty and others appeared on the show and it was a challenge for me to act with them. On the other hand, I had to make sure that he acted consistently in the 16 stories without being repetitive. But I'm glad everything went well. The trip will always be close to my heart.