Bigg Boss 13: Annoyed with Rashami Desai and the overthrow of Devoleena from the trend of house fans #BBCheatedViewers

In a shocking twist last night, Bigg Boss 13 saw the host Salman Khan asking three contestants Shefali Bagga, Rashami Desai & Devoleena Bhattacharjee coming out of the house. Rashami & Devoleena’s fans are super upset with the ouster & are expressing their disappointment. They are trending #BBCheatedViewers on Twitter to show their disappointment towards the verdict.

The decision has not gone down with the fans of Bigg Boss who have voted for the contestants. Last night show’s host Salman Khan asked the contestants about their strategies & also, why did not they stand up for themselves. He asked Rashami why they let go such an important opportunity from their hands. He even questioned her if she did not want to be in the finale.

Salman reprimanded the contestants for taking the task lightly & also said that because of lack of strategy a deserving contestant will have to walk out of the house.

Check out the tweets:

Salman criticised the contestants & told them how Mahira, who was not even a part of the top 6 six list (according to audience votes), has made it to the finale with Paras. Hurt with everyone’s comments, Mahira was later seen shedding tears, while Paras consoled her.

Saturday's episode of the weekend ka vaar saw the entry of four jokers: Shefali Zariwala , Arhaan khan , Hindustani Bhau & Himanshi Khurana .