Bangladesh a wicket down without Shakib Al Hasan: Gautam Gambhir

NEW DELHI: Former Indian Opener Gautam Gambhir He believes that cricket leagues around the world may not be as exciting for a franchisee as for a cricket fan.

In his column for the Times of India, Gambhir wrote: Cricket leagues around the world mark some vital boxes, but some obvious ones are lost. They are fun for existing cricket fans, provide employment for cricketers in addition to creating content for a station. But I'm not sure it's as exciting for the franchise owner as that presentation/excel promised. The equation is simple. Most cricket properties are designed with an Indian fan in mind. That's where the qualifications of an announcer and the eyeballs for a sponsor are. All this translates into revenue for various stakeholders.

Gambhir regrets the fact that, apart from IPL, the BCCI does not allow Indian cricketers to play in leagues around the world.

Since BCCI does not allow current Indian cricketers to play in any league, except IPL, other tournaments of this type have almost nothing for an Indian fan. Except for a couple of tournaments, the other properties are not in good shape and their franchise also owners. The owner of a franchise is an entrepreneur who is looking for a return on his investment. Forget the return, I can tell you with some confidence that even your investment is not safe. So what does he do? cheated. Or, as the vine says, it ends up bringing an alleged 'bookmaker' to the property of its franchisee to raise some revenue, albeit from corrupt practices. That's where we have incidents like the one we had with the former captain of Bangladesh Shakib Al Hasan Gambhir added.

Gambhir noted that Bangladesh is already in the rear without Shakib, but praised visitors for not making pollution in Delhi an important topic of conversation.

One way or another, Bangladesh is already at a disadvantage and India is 40 without loss, since that is what Shakib is worth. He was my KKR teammate and I know what he can do in his day. Before this news came, I was pretty sure that this will be a much closer series than the last against South Africa. Cricket is a fun game and this incident could end up galvanizing the visiting team. Let's see. I would also like to congratulate Bangladesh for not making too much of a scandal over pollution in the capital. These are not ideal conditions to venture outdoors and forget about competitive sports. So well done Tigers, Gambhir wrote.

Gambhir commented that with Sourav Ganguly at the head of the Indian cricket board, more changes are coming in the game in the country.

I think we are slowly slipping into times when cricket will have an impact of weather beyond rain. This is one of those situations. Indian cricket badly needs its first indoor cricketing arena. Budgets were never an issue and now with Sourav Ganguly in the driver's seat, even intent is taken care of. Don't be surprised if you see India's first ever such indoor cricket or multi-purpose arena in about 4-5 years time. I think more than One-dayers or T20s, Test cricket needs an indoor arena, Gambhir opined.

Gambhir asked the Indian selectors to identify the main players in the team prior to the T20 World Cup next year.

I am reading that India is interested in experimenting with new names. I think we have a decent group of cricketers and, in addition to experimenting, we must also identify the core of the team. The selectors and team management must also provide security to the core. defining their roles that will take them to the T20 World Cup next year. For me, a secured dressing room is a successful and happy wardrobe, Gambhir concluded.