It will enter the BS-VI era with only gasoline vehicles; Electric vehicles, hybrids on the anvil: Audi India

New Delhi, November 3 () The German luxury car manufacturer Audi will transition to BS-VI emission standards with gasoline vehicles and alternative fuel technologies, although it has totally ruled out diesel engine output, according to a high company officer

Audi India, which recently launched its eighth-generation A6 sedan with soft hybrid technology, is considering bringing hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles to the country.

BS-VI will start only with gasoline, on all models, but diesel is not completely ruled out, said India's Indian director, Balbir Singh Dhillon.

In the future we will launch only gasoline and we will also have electric cars that will come to India. If we get out of diesel completely, it's something we are still on our drawing board, he added.

Dhillon was answering a question about whether the company will follow in the footsteps of Maruti Suzuki and Renault, who had announced that they will not sell diesel vehicles once the BS-VI emission standards take effect as of April 2020 due to problems of vehicle accessibility. .

Audi had also said earlier that it was moving away from diesel technology, as the future lies in electric and hybrid vehicles.

We must also take into account that there are other technologies, such as soft hybrids and plug-in hybrids. As we move forward, we will also experiment with multiple technologies, he added.

In addition, he said, the government has allowed us to use certain cars to import 2,500 cars annually, without approval (in accordance with Indian regulations). Those are the spaces around which we will play more and more and see what works for India.

When asked if Audi could deliver if there was customer demand for the diesel option of its popular SUVs after BS-VI went into effect, he said: In the short term, (for) Q7 we don't have diesel. If some customers say we only want diesel, we may not have a solution for them for some time.

If someone requests a diesel Q7 on April 1, I have to say no. We are not close to the subject, but from now on I will not only say no, but I will convince the customer to buy gasoline.

Dhillon said that Audi's decision to move away from diesel has also been influenced by the change in customer buying behavior and that gasoline finds more acceptance.

At one time, the (luxury) industry had almost 100% diesel. Except for sports cars, everything else was diesel. But in recent years, including the current year, we are already seeing 30-35% gasoline. As we move forward, customers also fairly accept gasoline technology. Customers are more open, more favorable or more open to accepting new technologies, he said. RKL MSS ABM ABM