The director rescues a younger girl just before her wedding

MATHURAPUR: A 15-year-old girl from class IX at a school in Mathurapur was rescued just before her ceremony began on Friday. Playing a good Samaritan, with the help of the local block development officer (BDO) and the police, was Chandan Kumar Maity, director of a local high school. Maity said this was the 53rd he had stopped.

The girl had run away with her a boy of class XI. “My parents had planned to get married, but I opposed the match. So, I thought that if I had to get married, I could very well marry a boy of my choice, ”said the girl.

Her family said her daughter disappeared after she left home to pay tuition on Friday morning. The girl's mother said: At night, I received a call that a teenager had taken my daughter. I guessed who that boy could be and went to his house in another neighborhood of our town. There, I was surprised to see that preparations were being made for my daughter's wedding with this boy. I knew Maity had rescued underage girls. I begged him to save my daughter.

Maity said: “First I went to the Mathurapur police station and Mathurapur BDO, Jamil Akhtar. I received guarantees that a great force would be sent to the village. They asked me to take the initiative and try to reason with everyone at the wedding. Akhtar said: We immediately offered help and promised to send a force to the place.

Reportedly, skilled at dealing with people like him, with the police and the administration, he had previously arrested several weddings of underage girls, Maity said: “I went to the boyfriend's house and reasoned with everyone. I faced a strong resistance. I told them that they had the option of complying with the law or being hired to organize a child marriage. When the police arrived, the girl was rescued amid protests.

The principal said: “I have hosted her in the shelter of the residential school I run. I promised to take care of her education until she became an adult.